Advanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations

The title of the training courseAdvanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations
STCW Code StandardA-V/1-1-3
Training course duration55 hours/5 days
Whom the training course is intended forSee table below
Documents for admission to the training course1) Oil/Chemical Basic course certificate (STCW Code A-V/1-1-1) or Oil/Chemical/Gas Basic Course certificate (STCW Code A-V/1 p.2-7, until 31.12.2011)
2)Seaman’s book(included 3 months sea service on CHEMICAL tankers)
3) 1 х Photo
At the end of the course is issuedCertificate
Expiration date of certificateUnlimited
Certificate of conformitysee certificate representation
Apply for the course1) By phone (Mo. – Fr. 9:00 – 20:00) or email
2.Online/Use form below